FAQ: Immigration Executive Actions

2015 January 6.

On November 20, 2014, President Obama announced several executive actions on immigration.  Under the plan, an estimated four to five million undocumented immigrants will likely qualify for temporary relief from the threat of removal, and be eligible to receive employment authorization.  The president’s decision to bypass Congress has infuriated many Republicans with some vowing to block these measures.

ANNUAL MEETING PAC LUNCHEON Debate Indicates Divide on Immigration Reform

2014 December 4.

The chasm between opposing sides on the immigration reform debate crystalized when two journalists squared off during the Western Growers Political Action Committee fundraising luncheon held in Las Vegas in early November in conjunction with the association’s 89th Annual Meeting.

TOP ISSUE OF THE YEAR: Immigration Reform Garners Premium Spot Despite Inaction

2014 December 4.

When the opening bell rang on 2014, optimism was high that immigration reform, including a guest worker program, would become law before the closing bell of this year.  That optimism is long gone with the chance of comprehensive legislation anytime soon pretty much off the table.

Red Congress, Blue White House

2014 December 1.

I love an election when the pundits get it wrong.  While many speculated that it “looked likely” that Republicans would take control of the Senate, few foresaw the routing Democrats got on Nov. 4.

2014 in REVIEW: Drought, Elections, ACA Also Headline Past Year

2014 December 1.

While the fight for immigration reform deserves the top billing for 2014 in terms of its continued impact on agriculture, there were a plethora of other issues that also garnered the much-deserved attention of the ag community.