Get Ready for Changes to California’s Heat Illness Prevention Regulation

2015 April 1.

On February 20, 2015, the California Occupational Safety and Health Standards Board adopted an amendment to the state Heat Illness Prevention (HIP) regulation, changing the requirements for potable water, shade, cool-down periods, high-heat procedures, emergency preparedness, acclimatization, training, and HIP plans.  The board is seeking a May 1 effective date from the Office of Administrative Law which has 30 days to review the rulemaking record to determine whether the Board has satisfied the procedural requirements of the Administrative Procedure Act.

A Tale of Two Cities (and Two States)

2015 April 1.

For several decades, conservative political scholars have warned of the dangers of the federal government’s increasing reach into the affairs of the states.

Sakata Farms in Brighton, Co, is a family affair.

Thriving in the Centennial State

2015 April 1.

Bob Sakata, the patriarch and founding father of Sakata Farms Inc., Brighton, Colo., grew up in California and first began farming in the Golden State.  However, World War II led to his internment in a camp and negated the start of his farming career.  After the war ended, Bob Sakata moved to Colorado and started anew.

Tax Reform in California? Brace for Impact.

2015 April 1.

Get ready to hear a lot about tax reform in California, but be warned:  What most taxpayers would think of as reform may not be what we see from the California Legislature and the many interest groups that want to increase state spending.  They will use the word “reform” all day long, which in a technical sense may be correct.  Taking the system as it is, and changing it to something fundamentally different, is to re-form it.  Reform can refer to a process, but it’s more important to focus on reform as a policy outcome.