Garret Patricio Talks About Traceback for Cantaloupes

2012 April 30.

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WG TOOLBOX Web-Based Platform to Aid Growers Track & Accumulate Data

2013 April 1.

For several years now, Hank Giclas, Western Growers senior vice president of science, technology and strategic planning, has had a vision for a web-based platform that could help growers accumulate, store and regurgitate the data they need to provide to both government officials and the buyer community about the products they grow and ship.

PRODUCE TRACEABILITY FSMA Pilot Projects Report Recommends Increased Clarity & Better Data

2013 April 1.

The product traceability pilot projects required by the passage of the Food Safety Modernization Act have been completed and, not surprisingly, the overarching finding is that the current traceability systems that are typically being used today make it “very challenging” for the Food and Drug Administration to conduct a successful investigation following a food-borne illness outbreak.

IFT Makes Traceback Recommendations

2013 April 1.

As a result of the traceback pilot projects authorized by the Food Safety Modernization Act, the Institute of Food Technologists, which conducted the projects, formally listed 10 recommendations to the Food and Drug Administration.  The recommendations are as follows:

Cal Giant Intensifies Focus on Traceability

2013 April 1.

As the 2013 berry season begins, the team at California Giant is focused squarely on continuing its leadership in food safety.  The Operations and Food Safety staff members are working to further enhance programs already in place while adding new elements to benefit everyone through the supply chain from the field to the consumer.

Could It Be The Gateway To Value- Added Technology?

2012 February 1.

While many in the grower-shipper community have expressed that traceability is just another added cost, technology experts believe it just may be the platform

Industry Issues Explored From Buy Side

2011 December 1.

Two representatives from the buy side equation discussed a myriad of issues with Western Growers Annual Meeting attendees including the Produce Traceability Initiative, food safety procedures and the local food movement.
Richard Dachman, who is vice president of produce for the foodservice giant, Sysco Corporation, has more than 100 distribution centers that he is in charge of and, on any given day, those D.C.s have 9,000 produce trucks on the road. Greg