Keeping Groundwater Local

2014 November 1.


That is the term of art used in Sacramento to signify a bill has been approved by the governor and is now the law of the state.  On September 16, 2014, the governor’s signature on three bills created Chapters 346, 347 and 348 of the Statutes of 2014, establishing a state regulatory regime for groundwater.

Congressman Jim Costa (CA – 16th District)

2014 November 1.

First I’d like to thank all the growers with whom I’ve worked over the years, and also thank the Western Growers Board of Directors and the leadership team beginning with Tom Nassif and his staff in Washington.

Drought Diagnosis: Challenges Await Regardless of Winter Weather

2014 November 1.

California is still in drought conditions and experts say that almost regardless of what happens this winter, there will be water delivery challenges next year.  In fact, precipitation and snowpack would have to come in at about 150 percent of normal before water deliveries could return to a more regular level.

Assemblyman Mark Stone

California Assemblyman Mark Stone representing Santa Cruz and surrounding communities

2014 October 1.

Mark Stone was part of the huge freshman class that was elected to the State Assembly in 2012.  Prior to that he was on the board of supervisors for Santa Cruz County and also served on the California Coastal Commission.

Federal Water Bill Under Consideration But Lame Duck Session Needed for Action

2014 October 1.

The House of Representatives and Senate recessed on September 18 in order to allow individual members to make their final push for reelection this year.  While seven weeks remain before election day, Congress has left Washington with much work left undone.