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AGRICULTURAL LITIGATION: Needs Cover a Myriad of Topics

2014 August 1.

There are dozens of attorneys representing the agricultural industry in their work, with their specialties ranging from food safety to labor law to water rights.

Packing INNOVATION: Wrapping Machine a Huge Labor Saver

2014 August 1.

To Frank Maconachy, longtime builder of harvesting aids and a member of the Western Growers Board of Directors, the film wrap machine developed by BrimaPack offers a great money-saving opportunity for grower-shippers.

Western Growers Member Directory of Attorneys and Law Firms

2014 August 1.

Barsamian & Moody

Ronald H Barsamian

1141 West Shaw Avenue, Suite 104

Fresno, CA  93711-3713

Phone: 559-248-2360

UFW Harvesting Dormant Certifications The Anatomy of the Gerawan Case

2014 August 1.

Dan Gerawan was opening his mail one day in October 2012 and came across a letter from a representative of the United Farm Workers.  In the letter, the UFW representative noted that the union was the “certified bargaining representative” of all of Gerawan Farming’s agricultural employees, and set forth a list of documents and information it was requesting, ranging from detailed employee information to maps of Gerawan’s farming locations.

President's Notes

Farming Big Data via Technology

2014 August 5.

Production agriculture today is not the kind of farming our grandfathers would recognize.  The era of high tech has come and the number of new technologies and services is astounding.

Agriculture And The Law

Is Arbitration the Answer to Wage and Hour Class Actions?

2014 August 1.

Aside from a food contamination lawsuit, the biggest threat to agricultural producers may be a wage and hour class action on behalf of field or shed workers.  In 2012 Brinker v. Superior Court seemed to give some clarity in the area of meal and rest period class actions.  There was speculation that class actions in California would actually decrease.

Insurance Corner

BUSINESS INSURANCE Setting & Reducing the Rates

2014 August 1.

It happens every year just before renewal time — business owners wait in fear of increases in their insurance premiums.  Rarely do premiums go down.

Director Profile

Steve Danna

Is Farming like Baseball? “If it was easy, everyone would do it.”

2013 September 4.

Steve Danna is a fourth-generation farmer who grew up on a farm and farms today with his brother, Joseph, and his Aunt Dee.  He went to an agriculture school, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, so it all makes sense.