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Nassif Responds To L.A. Times Column

2015 February 1.

Western Growers President & CEO Tom Nassif’s “Letter to the Editor” disputing a column by George Skelton about the use of water to produce almonds, was published by that paper in its Dec. 16 edition.

Feeding the World When Global Population Reaches Nine Billion: Something to Worry About?

2015 February 1.

o you have days when you feel you are damned if you do and damned if you don’t?  I read news reports all the time about our industry, as you probably do.  It’s the criticism in the media that stings when judgments are made that farmers do not use natural resources well, in particular, water.

COMPENSATION & HR Practices SURVEY Invaluable Tool for HR Professionals

2015 February 1.

The human resource staff at Tanimura & Antle spend a lot of time carefully filling out the forms that make up the annual Western Growers Professional Compensation and HR Practices Survey.

INDUSTRY INNOVATION: WG Takes Proactive Position in Technology Sector

2015 February 1.

In his January column in this magazine, Western Growers President and CEO Tom Nassif told readers it is the association’s goal “to advance technology innovation in the fresh produce industry thereby improving our ability to produce more food in more efficient ways.”

Agriculture And The Law

U.S. Supreme Court Rules on Unpaid Security Checks

2015 February 1.

In December, the United States Supreme Court addressed whether employees are “working” while waiting to undergo mandatory, end-of-shift security checks.  The Court unanimously held that the time spent by warehouse workers waiting for and undergoing security screenings before leaving for the day is not compensable under federal law.

Insurance Corner

Workers’ Compensation Rates Still Going Up? Do Something About It

2015 February 1.

For the first time since 2006, the workers’ compensation insurance industry reached profitability.  The National Council on Compensation Insurance recently announced that the industry last year had a “combined ratio” of 96 percent for 2014, which means that for every dollar the industry received in premium, it paid out 96 cents in claims and expenses; or it made four cents on each dollar of premium.

Director Profile

Steve Danna

Is Farming like Baseball? “If it was easy, everyone would do it.”

2013 September 4.

Steve Danna is a fourth-generation farmer who grew up on a farm and farms today with his brother, Joseph, and his Aunt Dee.  He went to an agriculture school, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, so it all makes sense.