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To create and sustain an edible garden in every Arizona and California school.


If they grow it, they’ll eat it

Dianne Swanson, Kindergarten Teacher
Long Beach, CA

The Best Medicine in the World

Did you know Western Growers members grow almost half the produce found in neighborhood grocery stores across America? To encourage children – and families – to eat lots of nutritious fruits and vegetables, the Western Growers Foundation’s School Garden program was created. To date the Foundation has:

  • Funded more than 600 California and Arizona school gardens; we estimate 90% are still active
  • Provided a downloadable “how to” book, Gardens for Learning, free to all interested schools
  • Spread the word about healthy, nutritious produce through media, events and outreach.

Staggering Statistics

Although half our plates should consist of fruits and vegetables – about 5 – 9 servings – the majority of America’s children go without eating one serving of fruits and vegetables each day.

Thirty percent of US children are obese; half are overweight

This is the first generation of Americans at risk of having a lower life expectancy than their parents

Connecting children to their food

If they grow it, they’ll eat it. Teachers know this and studies show this. It only takes $1,500 to provide a garden to a school. Any amount with help more children discover the joy of planting a seed and watching it grow.


The Phoenix Zoo’s New Exhibit

2015 May 1.

Rousseau Farming Company’s Food Safety Officer Kami Weddle is teaching Arizona’s children how their food is grown, why we should eat lots of fruits and veggies and the importance of the specialty crop industry to Arizona.


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Vice President, Marketing

Robby Barkley
Western Growers Foundation Chairman
Barkley Ag

Let’s do what is right for our children to encourage a lifetime of consuming healthy fruits and vegetables.