As you may know, Western Growers is an 80+ year old trade association of California and Arizona farmers who grow, pack and ship almost half of the fresh produce found in grocery stores across America.  To provide this food, can you imagine how much science and technology they use?  Here’s a little Ag Knowledge

Did you know that …

In 1810, 90% of Americans were involved in farming.

In 1910, 30% of Americans were involved in farming.

In 2010, 2% of Americans were involved in farming.

Each year, our farmers do more with less.  They are entrepreneurs and innovators.  The land they farm has been sustained for generations.  They feed America.

This Ag Knowledge blog is about acknowledging our farmers, honoring them and supporting them – and about providing some fun and interesting knowledge about the science and technology of growing “the best medicine in the world,” fruits, veggies and nuts.



Innovation Center

WG’s Center for Innovation and Technology, located in the heart of Salinas, California is an incubator for technology companies and startups that Western Growers believes will important to the future viability of the fresh produce industry.