During our next Tech Talk, iTradeNetwork will delve into new technology that brings simplicity and agility to the perishables supply chain. iTradeNetwork, a company working out of the Western Growers Center for Innovation & Technology, offers web-based software that automates the supply chain for the retail and foodservice industries. Their network—which is comprised of 5,000+ retailers, operators, grower-shippers, manufacturers and distributors—helps maximize efficiency and end-to-end visibility.

How does iTrade work?

Hank Giclas

Western Growers has launched ‘Voices of the Valley,’ a new podcast where Western Growers Center for Innovation & Technology Lead Dennis Donohue interviews leaders in agricultural technology and innovation. Voices of the Valley is now available on iTunes - Apple Podcasts and Google Play Music.

The Center works with farmers, entrepreneurs, educators and technologists to provide new solutions for today and tomorrow’s challenges—all of whom will be interviewed on the show. Each episode will explore what’s challenging and new in agricultural innovation.

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