On February 27, the next generation of farmers will come together to have an in-depth discussion about the challenges currently faced on the farm and the possibilities of the agricultural technology. The “Power Breakfast: AgTech - View from the Farm” event features a panel of future farming leaders in the Arizona region who will share insight on how agriculture and technology are coming together.

The panelists include the following:

Hank Giclas

Join us for the January 25 Tech Talk® as PowerGrow shares how its innovative Greenhouse as a Service model can help farmers grow eight to 12 times more produce per acre, while using 95 percent less water. PowerGrow, one of 52 start-up companies housed in the Western Growers Center for Innovation & Technology, builds patented, renewable energy-powered, high-tech glass commercial greenhouses that give growers the opportunity to maximize yield, conserve capital, preserve natural resources, solve labor problems and earn greater profits.

Hank Giclas

On February 8, Western Growers will be hosting “Innovation in the Imperial Valley,” a lively event where growers, researchers, technologists and entrepreneurs will come together for riveting discussions about future farming technology. This event will feature educational forums and robust networking opportunities while showcasing cutting-edge innovations for the agricultural community.

Innovation and the Imperial Valley will include activities and highlights including:

Hank Giclas


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