More than 10 tech startups from the Western Growers Center for Innovation and Technology toured GreenGate Fresh in Salinas, Calif. to learn first-hand about how processing plants work and what technology the facility already uses.

GreenGate Fresh is lead by Robert K. Barkley, Travis Pendleton, Jay Iverson and Keith Bazabal, who have more than 100 years of combined experience in the agriculture industry. It is this depth of experience that makes them a vital contact for WGCIT innovators.

Ann Donahue

Dr. Eugenia Saini, the Executive Secretary of Fontagro, joins the podcast to talk about her objective of strengthening public and private strategic alliances that enhance international cooperation between scientists and farmers.

It's a goal that requires boundless curiosity and big picture thinking; Eugenia has three degrees from the University of Buenos Aires and was a Fulbright Scholar at Cornell University. "If we're really going to get solutions to the farmers, we need to understand how the business works," she says. "Dedicate a few hours a week to read and learn something."

Ann Donahue

In this week's episode of Voices of the Valley, Dick Rogers, Entomologist at Bayer Crop Science, discusses the need to meld nature and technology to create and monitor healthy honeybee colonies.

Dick wants to move towards the creation of a "genius hive," which would use data to ensure the right conditions exist for thriving bee populations. Recently, "electronic scales have really helped beekeepers track weight gain and loss in hives," he says. "There are also things like in-hive sensors for temperature and overall humidity."

Ann Donahue


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