The Western Growers Center for Innovation and Technology held its first Resident Programming event of the season on Aug. 24 with a virtual information session entitled “Ag in the Desert.”

Grower guests at the event represented the three main desert growing regions: Matt Maguire, Chief Agricultural Officer of J.V. Smith in Yuma, Ariz.; Scott Howington, Owner of Oasis Farming in El Centro, Calif.; and Garett Cardilino, Director of Field Operations of PrimeTime in Coachella, Calif. The event was moderated by Dennis Donohue, Director of the WGCIT.

Ann Donahue

Peter Wren-Hilton, the Founder of Wharf42 Limited and the mastermind behind the upcoming 2035 Agri-Food-Tech Oceania Summit, joins the podcast to discuss how New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific Islands are responding to the threat of climate change.

"Climate change is real, it's happening, and it's happening much faster than we thought," he says. One real-world example: Growers of kiwifruit already anticipate production moving from New Zealand's North Island to the South Island, a complete upheaval of the current process.

Ann Donahue

What do you do when you can't afford to make a mistake - but at the same time, you know you can't get risk to zero?

In advance of the AgTechX Food Safety event on Aug. 18 at Reedley College, En Solucion CEO and Founder Alex Athey joins the podcast to discuss the potential of technology to mitigate the risks in food safety.

Ann Donahue

Jeff Morrison, the Director of Innovation and New Technology at Grimmway Farms, joins the podcast to discuss how he uses his interest in the business side of agriculture to dictate the choices his company makes on the technology side.

For Morrison, solving the puzzle of how best to use agtech to make a return on a company's investment is a universal concern, and he's traveled extensively throughout Europe and Australia to learn how they have worked to solve the problems now faced by farmers in the Western U.S.

Ann Donahue


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