There are many reasons to attend Western Growers’ 90th Annual Meeting this November.  One of the best ones is to help celebrate the career of this year’s Award of Honor recipient, Bob Gray. Gray will be honored by Western Growers for his accomplishments over his 40-year career in agriculture. The former Western Growers board member and chairman is a well-known and valued leader in the agriculture community. 

Jeff Janas

Geographically speaking, the Trinity and Klamath Rivers are worlds apart from the over-crowded population centers of Northern and Southern California. The water that collects in the Trinity River Reservoir from the confluence of these two rivers, which eventually flows south via an intricate plumbing system, has a wide range of beneficiaries, including cities, farmers and the environment.

Jeff Janas

What is the current status of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)? Are you interested in learning more about the existing and emerging science around GMOs as well as some of the current challenges related to their use? Stay ahead of the game by joining Western Growers on August 26 for our Lunch and Learn webinar on GMOs.

Webinar Details 

Lunch and Learn Webinar:  The Current Status of GMOs

Wednesday, August 26

11:30 to 12:30 pm

Jeff Janas



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