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Adriana Robles

FDA is planning outreach calls to registered food facilities in areas with high rates of COVID-19 or are anticipated to have high rates of COVID-19. The intent of the outreach effort is to support continuity in the food supply. FDA is prioritizing these calls based on facility food type and size. The time frame for the calls is unspecified and may continue into the spring months if needed. There is no similar plan intended for non-FDA registered food production operations, such as growing operations. 

Cory Lunde

Western Growers President and CEO Dave Puglia will be moderating the virtual OGS Grower Roundtable 2020, scheduled for December 9. Unlike previous years, the 2020 summit is a virtual keynote event featuring three industry trailblazers. Puglia will be joined by Bruce Taylor of Taylor Farms, Vic Smith of JV Smith Companies and Soren Bjorn of Driscoll’s of the Americas.

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