Western Growers joined with the California Fresh Fruit Association and Colorado Fruit & Vegetable Growers Association to recently submit comments to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) on the proposed merger of grocery giants Kroger and Albertsons. While the companies’ investors might see a profitable upside, farmers have good reason to be concerned this deal, worth nearly $25 billion, is bad for producers. The two retail giants combined would account for 15.6 percent of the U.S. grocery market share, second only to Walmart at 21 percent.

Jason Resnick

After weeks of heavy rainfall, growers are faced with an array of challenges associated with floodwater. Relief opportunities and support are available on a state and federal level to help navigate these difficulties. This information is current as of Feb. 2, 2023 and will be updated by Western Growers as more resources become available.

Crop Insurance

The first course of action for farmers who are experiencing flooding should be to contact their crop insurance agent.

Kara Timmins