The California Supreme Court has granted review of the decision of the Fifth District Court of Appeal in Gerawan Farming, Inc. v. Agricultural Labor Relations Board. The case will consider whether the “Mandatory Mediation and Conciliation” (MMC) law is unconstitutional and, if not, may an employer oppose a certified union’s request for referral to the MMC process by asserting that the union has “abandoned” the bargaining unit.

Jeff Janas

The Agricultural Labor Relations Board (ALRB) will be traveling to key agricultural areas in September 2015 to solicit input from farmworkers, employers and interested members of the public on its proposal to promulgate a rule that permits ALRB staff to visit agricultural work sites. The visits are intended for the purpose of educating farmworkers and field supervisors about their rights and responsibilities under the Agricultural Labor Relations Act (Act). 

Jeff Janas

Sylvia Torres-Guillen, the Agricultural Labor Relations Board’s (ALRB) general counsel, has left the agency to serve as special counsel to Governor Jerry Brown.  Torres-Guillen’s tenure was marked by major policy and personnel changes as well as controversial actions in a number of cases, most notably the UFW’s attempt to force Gerawan Farms and its employees to accept an ALRB-imposed contract after a 20 year absence by the union and a parallel vote by Gerawan employees on decertification of the union.  The employees’ votes from the November 2013 election remain uncounted and impounded by t


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