On Tuesday, the Sacramento County Superior Court issued a ruling in the lawsuit brought by Monterey Coastkeeper, et al. against the State Water Resources Control Board for modifications it made to the Regional Board’s Central Coast Agricultural Order governing discharges from irrigated agricultural lands in the Central Coast region. Under the Conditional Waiver program, farmers are required to implement extensive management practices to meet water quality standards, and are required to monitor both surface and groundwater to determine compliance with the Ag Order’s provisions.

Jeff Janas

Geographically speaking, the Trinity and Klamath Rivers are worlds apart from the over-crowded population centers of Northern and Southern California. The water that collects in the Trinity River Reservoir from the confluence of these two rivers, which eventually flows south via an intricate plumbing system, has a wide range of beneficiaries, including cities, farmers and the environment.

Jeff Janas

The San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District (District) issued a Special Advisory on August 3, 2015, reminding agricultural operators farming greater than 100 contiguous acres, having 500 or more mature dairy cows, or 190 or more of any other cattle that they are required to have and implement a Conservation Management Practices Plan (CMPP) with the District. The advisory also states that the CMPP must contain a plan to select and implement practices to limit dust emissions from unpaved roads and vehicle equipment traffic areas.

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