Western Growers’ Executive Vice President Dave Puglia was recently among a panel of water and government experts who discussed the types of legislative approaches that could help resolve California’s water woes. The discussion took place during the Public Policy Institute of California Water Policy Center’s “Priorities for California’s Water” program on October 26.

Dave Puglia

In the final hours to sign or veto bills sent to him by the California Legislature, Governor Brown vetoed AB 313 by Assemblymember Adam Gray, a Western Growers-supported bill that would have inserted much-needed balance into the state’s water rights enforcement activities.

The current system gives the State Water Resources Control Board (Water Board) authority to not only allocate water rights and permits, but to unilaterally enforce these rights and mete out punishment if they believe there has been a violation by a water user.

Gail Delihant

Join us for this month’s Tech Talk on August 22, where Manu Pillai, the founder of WaterBit, will demonstrate how the startup’s telemetry package can be installed easily and connected to moisture sensors, pressure sensors and more. This helps growers know exactly when crops need water or if other action is needed. WaterBit, which is based in San Jose with offices in Salinas at the WG Center for Innovation and Technology and Fresno at CSU, is working on everything from sensing physics to hardware to cloud applications.

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