As Congress continues to debate how to move forward on resolving the fiscal crisis facing the country, immigration reform legislation continues to wait in the wings for a potential legislative window.

Western Growers and the Agricultural Workforce Coalition (AWC) continue to work with House Agriculture Chairman Bob Goodlatte, seeking changes to his agriculture immigration bill that would make the legislation workable for all agriculture.

Ken Barbic

As we reported earlier this week, the UFW moved forward with its plan to file Notices of Intent to Take Access (NA) on dozens of agricultural employers in the Salinas area and Central Valley with the stated intent of informing workers about a march for immigration reform taking place tomorrow, October 5. Reports so far suggest that the access attempts have been uneventful. However, there have been reports of the union attempting to take access prior to the employer being served with a case stamped copy of the NA.

Jason Resnick

Governor Jerry Brown today signed legislation allowing undocumented immigrants to obtain state drivers licenses.  In response to concerns expressed by law enforcement and the Governor’s desire to ensure compatibility with federal standards governing state identification documents, the legislation, AB 60 (Alejo, D-Watsonville), was substantially amended in the final hours before the Legislature adjourned for the year last month. 

Dave Puglia


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