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According to information recently released by the University of Arizona, the agriculture industry in Arizona contributes more than $17 billion to the state’s economy. With so much at stake, the first annual Arizona Agribusiness Roundtable was held in Mesa, Arizona today and featured Arizona Governor Doug Ducey and Director of the Arizona Department of Agriculture Mark Killian as speakers. Western Growers staff and several members were in attendance at today’s event.

Jeff Janas

Do you have questions about water conservation? Are you ready to learn more about water conservation from world leaders in water management? Then you should register for USDA’s “Prove Solutions to Drought Stress” workshop being held in Modesto on January 12-13, 2016. The workshop will provide participants with water management strategies for perennial crops with limited and impaired water supplies.   

For more information, CLICK HERE to see the workshop flyer.

Jeff Janas

Shippers that have sales of product destined for Ohio may be surprised to learn that they may be subject to the Ohio Commercial Activity Tax (CAT).

The CAT is an annual tax imposed on “the privilege of doing business in Ohio,” measured by taxable gross receipts for product that finds its way into the state.

Jeff Janas

The pea leafminer (Lirigomyza langei) is considered by Japan to be a quarantine pest. Within the last month, several vegetable shipments inspected at Japanese ports were found to contain the pea leafminer. While the shipments were permitted entry following fumigation, any continuation of pest finds could result in Japan taking stricter action on entry in the future.

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