There have been dozens of projects and reports and hundreds-of-pages of scientific research findings completed by the Center for Produce Safety over the past few years on agricultural water and its impact on food safety.  To help you take better advantage of this knowledge and information, WG has partnered with the CPS and the Produce Marketing Association to evaluate and consolidate that body of knowledge into one report for the benefit of members of the fresh produce industry:

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According to, Chinese official have once again granted market access to California citrus growers.  The decision was made following a 15-month trade cessation resulting from China’s concerns over various issues, but mostly focusing on how producers mitigated China’s exposure to phytophthora root rot. Industry official were informed of the decision by the U.S. Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) last week.

This week, the California Central Coast Water Board sent an informational update to interested parties in the Lower Salinas Valley Watershed and in the Pajaro River Basin TMDL regarding the State Water Resources Control Board Nonpoint Source (NPS) Grant Program.  The Board’s Financial Assistance Division issued a solicitation notice and is now accepting applications for the Clean Water Act section 319(h) of the program.



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