Congress and the Trump Administration have reached a deal on a $484 billion interim COVID-19 funding bill that will, in part, replenish the small business Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). The “Phase 3.5” relief bill was passed by the Senate today, with the House vote set to take place on Thursday.

Cory Lunde

For our members who are looking for vendors offering COVID-19 products, materials, or manufacturing services, check out the list of more than 1,000 suppliers on Thomas, a well-established industrial supply company.

The vendors listed can be easily searched by company type and location, locations served, quality certifications, and other types of certifications and registrations.

Cory Lunde

In a segment titled, “How the COVID-19 pandemic is sending American agriculture into chaos,” WG President & CEO, Dave Puglia, and WG Member, Jack Vessey of Vessey & Company, appeared on PBS Newshour to discuss the economic impact of the crisis on the fresh produce industry.

Highlighting the devastating on-farm consequences of the foodservice collapse, Vessey provided PBS Newshour camera crews with an exclusive look at his romaine fields as they were being plowed back into the ground.

Cory Lunde


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