Are you prepared when there are unexpected shortfalls of available produce you have contracted and agreed to ship to your customer? Whether it is a short-term ad commitment or an extended vendor agreement for a routine quantity of produce to be shipped, it is important to know your obligations and, more importantly, how you and your customer will handle any potential shortfall of supply. If you do not plan for such a contingency, you could expose yourself to potential liability for a failure to ship.

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Today, the Senate adopted the 2018 Farm Bill conference report, 87-13. The measure now heads to the House. The bill is expected to clear the House in time for President Trump’s signature by the end of the week. Western Growers applauds the committee leaders, conferees and staff for their diligence in producing a strong, bi-partisan farm bill.

Below are a few policy initiatives included in the 2018 Farm Bill that will benefit the specialty crop industry:

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Mark your calendar to join Western Growers in Winterhaven on January 8, 2019, for the 2019 Yuma/Winterhaven H-2A Stakeholder Meeting. Experts from government and the industry will hold round table discussions on important issues such as H-2A Driver Transportation, housing issues, expanding the use of H-2A beyond field harvest work and more!

Experts from Government and Industry:

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