The Organic Grower Summit 2021, which is sponsored by Western Growers, recently announced that it will feature an educational session that will explore the relationship between Mexico and the United States and how they can support each other’s future organic growth. The “Growing and Selling in the Mexican Organic Market" Educational Session will be held on Thursday, December 2.

Other sessions and workshops include the following:

Stephanie Metzinger

Employers are required to pay all nonexempt employees in compliance with state, federal and local wage and hour laws. This section provides an overview of applicable state, federal and local laws governing the payment of wages and overtime pay.

Teresa McQueen

It is considered an unlawful employment practice for an employer to discriminate against an employee/applicant because of a conflict between the person’s religious belief or observance and any employment requirement unless providing the accommodation would result in an undue hardship.

Employers who receive religious based accommodation requests – including those made in response to vaccination mandates – must engage in a timely good faith interactive process and consider any available reasonable accommodation including:


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