Hadley Date Gardens President and Western Growers Chair of the Board Albert Keck returns to the podcast to talk about what it will take for farmers and rural communities to change the narrative about the realities of earning a living in agriculture.

"We've been playing defense for so long...boy, I would love to be able to shift gears and play offense," Albert says, noting that real-world shortages may be what finally makes the issue come to the forefront. "I don't love going to the grocery stores and seeing empty shelves. What happens when there is no water?" 

Ann Donahue

Passed in May 2022, Colorado’s HB22-1317 – also known as the Restrictive Employment Agreements Act (Act) – becomes effective August 10, 2022.

The Act places further limits on the enforceability of non-compete and customer non-solicitation restrictions.   Changes also include new notice requirements, expanded penalties, and restrictions about choice of law and venue. HB22-1317 will not be enforced retroactively.

Some of the Act’s key changes are listed below: 

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