Date: Feb 05, 2013

This year, and particularly since the passage of SB 126, organized labor has pushed the envelope with new organizing tactics, aggressive campaign strategies, and innovative techniques designed to catch unwary employers off guard. Thanks to these tactics, the UFW has won two of three elections that were held in 2012. The UFW is reinvigorated and prepared to scale up its organizing efforts, particularly against unprepared agricultural employers.

Join Western Growers and the Ventura County Agricultural Association for an informative workshop on how to help keep your workplace issue free – before you’re confronted with a union organizing campaign. VCAA’s President and General Counsel, Rob Roy, and Western Growers’ Vice President and General Counsel, Jason Resnick, will conduct this joint workshop to educate owners, middle-management and English-speaking HR personnel on maintaining an issue-free workplace before you are confronted with a union organizing campaign.

This seminar begins at 9 a.m. Wednesday, Feb. 13. The cost is $35 for WG Members.
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Topics covered include:

  • What you need to know about the Agricultural Labor Relations Act (“ALRA”), including union access, election petitions, unfair labor practices, union authorization cards, and employer “Free Speech”
  • How to create and maintain an issue-free workplace to avoid unionization
  • Ensuring compliance with labor, employment and safety laws to avoid third party interference
  • Maintaining effective disciplinary and dispute resolution policies in place
  • Educating your supervisors on what they can/cannot say and do during a union organizing campaign.

There will be ample time for Q & A. This will be a unique and timely opportunity to learn from the labor law experts. Participants will also be provided with relevant documents to assist in addressing the above issues. With the advent of the winter strawberry harvest season and on-going vegetable harvesting, this seminar is a MUST for English-speaking owners, managers and HR representatives.

WG Staff Contact

Jason Resnick
Sr. Vice President & General Counsel

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