In this week's episode of Voices of the Valley, Dick Rogers, Entomologist at Bayer Crop Science, discusses the need to meld nature and technology to create and monitor healthy honeybee colonies.

Dick wants to move towards the creation of a "genius hive," which would use data to ensure the right conditions exist for thriving bee populations. Recently, "electronic scales have really helped beekeepers track weight gain and loss in hives," he says. "There are also things like in-hive sensors for temperature and overall humidity."

Ann Donahue

The Alliance for Food and Farming hosted its fifth Safe Fruits and Veggies Farm Tour for registered dietitians, health and nutrition writers and influencers from Sept. 12-14, 2022 in the San Joaquin Valley.

Western Growers was one of the sponsors of the tour, during which participants visited Porterville Citrus, HMC Farms, Family Tree Farms, Jasmine Vineyards and McKellar Family Farms.

Ann Donahue

Jennifer Sey will kick off the 2022 Western Growers Annual Meeting on "Speaking Out After Resigning as Global Brand President of Levi's."

Jennifer Sey is an author, former national gymnastics champion, and corporate leader who spent close to 23 years at Levi Strauss & Co., holding various leadership positions. She began in 1999 as a marketing assistant and rose to become the Global Brand President in 2020.

Ann Donahue

The United Farm Workers’ legislation to change the way workers vote in union elections is portrayed as simply a “vote by mail” or “vote from home” reform of the current process in which union elections occur at the workers’ place of employment under the watchful eyes of independent state regulators.

In fact, AB 2183 would eviscerate the secret ballot process. It is not surprising that the union wants to suppress this fact in the public debate. But it is irresponsible for journalists and media outlets to continue to help them do so.

Dave Puglia


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