The good ol’ days of a grower or shipper selling the grower’s crop on a hand shake has long since passed. In order to properly protect your grower as well as yourself as a shipper, it is imperative and a best practice to have a written agreement (contract) drawn up so each party knows what is expected from each other. The agreement needs to be straight forward, transparent with no hidden agendas and most importantly, be signed by both parties prior to the start of the shipping season. 

Last Friday, Senator Dianne Feinstein pushed the issue of capturing El Nino water into high gear by publicly calling for federal regulators to increase the pumping of storm pulse flows through the Delta as much as possible within the bounds of existing environmental restrictions. Feinstein’s comments came during the same week that Western Growers launched its new #LostCAWater webpage, which asks the question, “Why are we missing this opportunity to recover from the drought?”

Jeff Janas


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