Date: Mar 28, 2013

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) announced a delay in implementing any changes to user fees for the Destination Inspection Service (DIS) for the near term.   After seeking public comment on a proposal for new fees, Western Growers joined other stakeholders in submitting written comments earlier this year.  Pending a review of those comments and a determination about proceeding forward with full cost recovery, existing inspection fees will stay unchanged for the near term.

Meanwhile, shippers are cautioned about accepting private, third party inspections in Canada in lieu of a Government sponsored CFIA inspection.  WG members report an alarming increase in the number of private inspections being secured by buyers rather than a CFIA inspection. In recent years, CFIA has completely streamlined the DIS process that includes measurements for timely inspections, thus countering any potential representation from buyers that a non-government inspection would be needed because of potential delays.  To properly document a quality/condition problem at destination, you should always insist on a CFIA inspection because it is prima facie evidence for purposes of any dispute resolution.  The proper training of inspectors, proper sampling methods and certification of inspectors are all important protocols when product is being inspected and you are entitled to get an unbiased review of your product at contract destination. 

To ensure that you exercise your right to obtain the inspection of your choice, please contact WG Trade Practices to learn how to protect your rights and that of your grower. For more information, contact Tom Oliveri or Ken Gilliland.

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