Date: Apr 04, 2013

Effective April 1, the state of California now requires posting of a notice regarding human trafficking. The notice will be posted in many businesses and public places but it also directs and requires farm labor contractors are required to post the notice.  According to the Office of the Attorney General, human trafficking is the world’s second-most profitable criminal enterprise, right behind drug trafficking.  The illegal activity generates an estimated $32 billion of income for criminal enterprises. 

Being a border state with a large immigrant population, and one of the world’s largest economies, makes California one of the top destination states for human trafficking.  Many times, victims of human trafficking and the general public are unaware of who to contact or how to report this illegal activity.  The posting lists several hotline numbers for persons to call to seek help or report questionable situations.  The posting must  be produced in both English and Spanish. Specifics regarding the posting requirements can be found on the Attorney General’s website.  

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