Date: Apr 09, 2013

The California Air Resources Board (ARB) is now actively enforcing shipper requirements for loading compliant Transport Refrigeration Units (TRU).

The ARB staff is checking reefer trailers that are being loaded at cooling operations or staged for loading in the various California produce shipping areas throughout the season.  Therefore, consistent with the Western Growers ongoing guidance, you need to document your best efforts to confirm that equipment being loaded is in compliance with the ARB regulations.

To document your due diligence efforts, we strongly recommend that you incorporate the following statement on your bill of lading:

Carrier or its agent certifies that the TRU equipment furnished for loading this shipment is in compliance with the California regulations

This statement should be placed directly above or adjacent to where the driver (carrier) signs the bill of lading. As the shipper, you are responsible for exercising due diligence, even if it is your customer that arranged the carrier, or if you or your customer utilized the services of a transportation broker.

This link to TRU Advisory 13-25 explains ARB’s enforcement of these new requirements.

The following links also provide resources by the ARB, describing the responsibilities of the various parties in the logistics chain.

  1. Updated Guidance with Q&A
  2. Letter template for hiring business entity to notify carriers that compliance is required
  3. Tutorial slides
  4. TRU Compliance Check Resources webpage

TRU Brochure #2 provides a brief overview of the basic requirements of the TRU Regulation


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