Date: Apr 11, 2013

Confused about Health Care Reform and how it will affect you and your business? Western Growers Assurance Trust will host several Executive Forums on Health Care Reform in Santa Maria, Oxnard and Irvine next week.

WG Director Mark Teixeira will kick off the event in Santa Maria Tuesday, April 16. WG’s Compliance Counsel Jonathan Alexander, David Zanze, senior vice president of Western Growers Assurance Trust and other WG executives will help guide owners and key decision-makers in preparing for the 2014 Affordable Care Act mandates.  They will demonstrate how members can analyze their existing workforce to anticipate costs for next year. Attendees will also have an opportunity to hear about the new Western Growers proprietary cost calculator. You’ll come away better prepared to make strategic decisions for your business. A review of the major provisions of the Act, employer’s responsibilities, and health plan options that work for your business will also be covered.

Registration is required. Don’t miss out on this important forum.

This will be a unique and timely opportunity for members to ask questions and learn what you can do now to prepare.  With 2014 around the corner, this forum is a must for CEOs, CFOs, principals, HR leaders and anyone involved in making health benefit decisions for your business.

There are many other opportunities to attend. WGAT will present the forums throughout California during the month of April. Click here to view the entire schedule, and stay tuned to Spotlight as we highlight future Executive Forums

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