In light of the strengthening El Niño weather pattern, Western Growers delivered a letter to Governor Brown last week calling on his Administration to “capture as much precipitation as our infrastructure will allow.” The letter reinforces the fact that we cannot afford to let a drop of wasted water flow out to sea this wet season and encourages the Brown Administration to develop a plan in partnership with the federal government to “establish El Nino protocols for the Delta pumping plants that result in the state and federal pumps being operated at their designed maximum capacit

Cory Lunde

This is a refresher on Canadian government inspection procedures and the Fruit and Vegetable Dispute Resolution Corporation (DRC). What makes good delivery in Canada versus the U.S. on a no grade contract? While an easy rule of thumb in determining good delivery in Canada is to use the same guidelines as the PACA, there are some exceptions on certain commodities with the maximum allowable on any one defect not to exceed 10 percent.  If you keep in mind the 10 percent limitation on any one condition factor, you will not have to memorize two sets of “Good Arrival Guidelines”. 


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