Three months after the mismatch letters were sent out, Social Security finally responded to questions about an employers' obligations when they receive a mismatch letter. Despite giving specific deadlines (60 days) in the letters to take action, the SSA is now saying they were meant to be educational in nature, and that "Social Security" will take no action if an employer does not go online to get the names and "wrong" numbers so they can verify whether numbers were transposed, etc.

Jason Resnick

As much as we’d wish it were true, not every disputed situation is black and white coupled with a clear cut remedied path to make us whole again. While we have the ability to review PACA precedent decisions to review outcomes of historic rulings and determine our likelihood of prevailing in certain situations, there still leaves some inevitable grey area when accessing liability. Below is a recently received member inquiry with provided details to determine which party would be held liable:

Bryan Nickerson


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