The temperature is forecasted to exceed 100 degrees throughout California this week, and we urge all employers to take extra steps to protect outdoor workers from heat illness. This includes providing outdoor workers fresh water, access to shade and cool-down rest breaks in addition to regular breaks.

Cal/OSHA asks that employers with outdoor workers take the following steps to prevent heat illness:

The Alliance for a Stronger FDA is hosting a webinar tomorrow with U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s food safety and animal health leadership, where they will discuss priorities and resource needs. Discussion topics of the webinar will include the New Era of Smarter Food Safety, the tenth anniversary of the Food Safety Modernization Act and One Health initiatives.

Members of the Food and Beverage Industry Alliance are invited. Because Western Growers is a member of the Alliance, all Western Growers members are invited to attend this exclusive webinar.

Sonia Salas


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