Western Growers Board of Directors’ nomination ballots were emailed to all regular members for the two-year term through 2020. Our new, secure online voting platform replaces the old paper-ballot system and focuses on privacy, security and verifiability—all of which are paramount to hosting an honest election. 

The nomination ballot is the first step in a two-part process. It lists prospective candidates from your district for inclusion on the official ballot. The official ballot will be emailed to you in September in order to vote to fill the allotted board seats.

Kim Sherman

As part of Western Growers’ efforts to bring innovative technologies directly to growers, the WG Center for Innovation & Technology is hosting “AgTechx – Harris Ranch” on July 10, 2018.

AgTechx – Harris Ranch will feature educational forums and robust networking opportunities while showcasing cutting-edge innovations for the agricultural community. It will also include an engaging keynote address from a notable tech leader in Silicon Valley.

Activities and highlights include:

Hank Giclas

Don’t miss the opportunity to attend the next Listeria monocytogenes Intervention & Control Workshop in Fresno and Monterey, California, in September. Western Growers has partnered with United Fresh and PMA to offer two workshops in September. This program has been specifically designed for the produce industry.

During this 1.5 day event, attendees will learn from FDA, academia and industry experts in general sessions on sanitary design, sanitation best practices and environmental monitoring. The agenda includes breakout sessions, panel discussions, case studies and more.

Sonia Salas

On June 8, Western Growers and California Farm Water Coalition hosted a farm tour where four bloggers visited ag operations throughout Monterey County to learn what it takes to feed a nation. These lifestyle, mommy and food bloggers had the opportunity to hear about the labor challenges facing agriculture, learn about innovation being developed to help solve the industry’s most pressing issues, see how food gets from the field to the store and interact with the family farmers who grow the food they feed their children every day.

Stephanie Metzinger


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