Since the implementation of the ELD mandate for interstate commerce on December 18, 2017, agriculture carriers continue to operate under a temporary partial exemption, pending a formal resolution from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), which is currently accepting comments. Western Growers is finalizing its further comments, which will be filed before the February 20, 2018, deadline.

Starting in early November 2017, in order to ensure that Western Growers members secure the best flexibility under the ELD mandate, the following steps have been taken:

Ken Gilliland

While disputes in the produce industry are rare, when they occur, we realize you need a quick answer from an experienced resource to provide you with practical guidance. For over 50 years, Western Growers has been that trusted resource that can provide you with timely answers to your questions.  With real time guidance, as well as practical insight into an ever demanding supply chain, access for you and your staff to reliable education and answers to your rights, responsibilities, and remedies can be invaluable.

Ken Gilliland


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