January 1, 2018, rang in a host of new California employment laws. Whether you own and operate a company in California or you just do business here, you need to be aware of these new laws. Western Growers will be hosting a webinar on February 7 to help members get in compliance with the new California labor and employment laws. 

This webinar will cover:

Jason Resnick

If Congress cannot approve a budget by this Friday at midnight, the federal government will shut down. While it would likely be business as usual for most private employers in the United States, H-2A users could be dramatically impacted.

That is because U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) staff that process H-2A foreign labor certifications are deemed “non-essential” during government shutdowns and are furloughed until the government reopens. H-2A applications that have not been certified by the shutdown will sit in the queue indefinitely.

Jason Resnick

My journey with Western Growers started back on March 6, 1978, and at that time, I could not have imagined how this opportunity would shape my life. My time at Western Growers has significantly impacted how I view the world of fresh fruits and vegetables—and not just as it relates to Good Arrival Tolerances and filing PACA complaints on behalf of WG members!  I have been privileged every day that I have had the opportunity to work for Western Growers members and I am impressed with our members’ ability to deliver fresh produce to consumers on a daily basis.  

Tom Oliveri


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