Date: Jul 09, 2013
House contemplates separating food stamps from Farm Bill.

According to the National Journal, the leadership in the House of Representatives is planning to split funding authorization for the food stamps program from the rest of the Farm Bill that failed to pass the House in late June. 

According to the story, House leaders are preparing the rest of the Farm Bill for a possible floor vote later this week, and the Rules Committee may post language for that section as early as tonight.  The food stamp program, officially known as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), will be dealt with separately, with no timetable being announced at this point.

The House failed to pass the Farm Bill largely because of Republican resistance to the food stamp program.  The move is no doubt seen as a way to capture some of those votes.  However, many Democrats largely support the Farm Bill because of SNAP so there is a possibility that this effort could siphon away some of the bi-partisan support for the bill.

The Farm Bill has many supporters and detractors in the House and Senate and passage of a final bill requires a delicate balance that has included both the food stamp program and farm subsidies for more than a half century.  It is still unknown how a de-coupling of these two programs will play out.

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