As a produce shipper with a reported problem load at contract destination, you shouldn’t solely depend on your buyer informing you that he or she has already obtained an opinion from the Perishable Agricultural Commodities Act (PACA) regional office that it was a “shipper problem.” Many times, buyers will contact PACA for advice and an opinion on a scenario; however, sometimes they may inadvertently fail to give all the pertinent facts to PACA when seeking an informal, real-time opinion.

Bryan Nickerson

The push for climate-minded policies at the state and federal level is getting stronger than ever. Countless proposals are being floated - from carbon emission reduction and renewable energy technologies to farm conservation programs and water quality. However, all these efforts currently overlook or miss a key point: their impact on - or usefulness to - specialty crops like fruits, vegetables and tree nuts.

Ann Donahue

Sarah Nolet, Co-Founder and General Partner at Sydney, Australia-based VC firm Tenacious Ventures, focuses on investing in early-stage agtech startups with an eye towards how they will help provide innovations to assist with the ramifications of climate change.

"Ag can actually be a solution for a lot of the challenges we're facing," Nolet says in this episode of Voices of the Valley, noting that growers are in a unique position where they can simultaneously work to reduce emissions and be proactive to prevent additional climate disruption.

Ann Donahue


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