Last week, the California Court of Appeal ruled that an employer must reimburse an employee for the reasonable expense of the mandatory use of a personal cell phone. California employers are already required to reimburse employees for necessary expenses incurred by the employees in carrying out their job duties (Labor Code sec. 2802).  The Court of Appeal concluded in Cochran v. Schwan’s Home Service, Inc. that "[i]f an employee is required to make work-related calls on a personal cell phone, then he or she is incurring an expense for the purposes of section 2802."


Jason Resnick

As a shipper of an FOB contract or a delivered sales contract, you have a responsibility to load product that meets suitable shipping condition, and that, under normal transit, will arrive at contract destination in a merchantable condition that meets contract specifications.  As a shipper you have an obligation to take appropriate steps at shipping point by loading the product in a proper manner which requires among other requirements that both product and trailer are properly pre-cooled.  


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