The March 2014 edition of the WG&S Magazine is in the mail.  Here’s a preview of some of the stories you will see:  

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Transportation Benefits:  WG/CHR Transportation Program Continues to Yield Rewards

Unit Train: New Service to Connect SJV with Chicago

President’s Notes

The Rainmaker – Waiting for God’s blessings doesn’t mean we should sit idle while we wait.

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Harold Weisfeld -- L.A. Broker Continues Daily Work at 84

Jeff Janas

In 2007, Scientific Certification Systems sponsored a Draft Trial Standard for Agricultural Sustainability through the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).  This Draft Trial Standard was hotly debated and viewed by many as unworkable.  In fairly short order, the Leonardo Group (a charitable organization that facilitates the development of national voluntary standards) announced the development of a multi-stakeholder process to develop a proposed National Standard for Agricultural Sustainability. 

Hank Giclas

Think doing nothing is the best way to handle sexual harassment allegations in the workplace?  Think again.  The City of Oceanside California and one of its police officers recently were hit with a $1.5 million judgment after a fellow employee sued for sexual harassment. The plaintiff endured a “pattern of ongoing sexual harassment” that was so intense, she was eventually forced to quit her job. The abuse went unchecked for over six weeks before the City took any action.

Adriana Robles

(Editor’s Note:  Michael Bennet was appointed to fill the Senate seat of Ken Salazar in 2009 when Salazar become Secretary of the Interior.  He was elected to the seat during the 2010 elections.  This interview was conducted via e-mail.)

Where did you grow up?  And what is your educational and family background?

My mother and her parents came to America in 1950.  My father’s family has been in this country for generations.  And I moved West.

I attended Wesleyan University (Middletown, Conn.) and then graduated from Yale Law School (New Haven, Conn).  My wife, Susan, who is from Arkansas, and I moved to Colorado to raise our three daughters.  We love Colorado’s natural beauty, entrepreneurial energy, and western spirit.  One of my favorite places to spend time is on the Eastern Plains.  We’ve been able to do a lot of that lately to discuss the Farm Bill as it moved through the Agriculture Committee, on which I serve, and through Congress.

Dennis Nuxoll


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