Fresh produce shippers are used to dealing with unique retailer demands getting their product to market. One such challenge, first introduced by Walmart U.S. in 2017, is the retail giant’s on-time in-full (OTIF) policy. As the name indicates, this logistics compliance program requires product to arrive at Walmart’s distribution centers on time and in full. Shipments that arrive early, late, short, or not otherwise as specified in the Purchase Order, are all subject to fines. 

Bryan Nickerson

Western Growers has formed a new Food Safety Advisory Subcommittee (FSAS) to bolster its efforts in solving produce safety challenges.

FSAS members will advise the Food Safety Science and Technology Committee, which reports to the WG’s Board of Directors, while providing technical expertise and advice on science issues and industry regulations affecting the safety of fresh produce. Members of FSAS will be abreast of WG’s key food safety efforts and projects and have the opportunity to provide WG’s Science staff with feedback on these endeavors.

Sonia Salas

Register for “AgTechX Food Safety,” a summit where top industry leaders will delve into technological solutions in the prevention and rapid diagnostics arena. AgTechX will be presented virtually, free of charge, next Thursday (April 22).

Dr. Rodrigo Nieto Gomez, a geostrategist and defense futurist focused on the consequences of the accelerating pace of change in homeland security and policing environments, will headline the event with a keynote on the accelerating innovation and changing policy dynamics.

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