Date: Sep 10, 2013
Kern County Discovers Presence of Asian Citrus Psyllid

The discovery of an Asian citrus psyllid in Kern County, California has local officials investigating the full extent of its presence and what it means to the citrus industry. The one male psyllid was found on September 5 near the city of Wasco.  The pest represents a grave concern to citrus since it can carry the plant disease Huanglonging (HLB) disease.  There is no known cure for HLB. According to the Kern County Crop Report, Kern County has 56,000 acres of commercial citrus; however, there are no commercial citrus groves near Wasco.

The pest and the disease have been discovered in other citrus producing areas of the country, including: Florida, Louisiana, Georgia, South Carolina and Texas. The Asian citrus psyilld has also been found in Arizona, but no sign of the disease has been detected.  Click here to read an article on this discovery.  Click here for a link to the California Plant Health & Pest Prevention Services page on this topic. 

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