Date: Oct 04, 2013


As we reported earlier this week, the UFW moved forward with its plan to file Notices of Intent to Take Access (NA) on dozens of agricultural employers in the Salinas area and Central Valley with the stated intent of informing workers about a march for immigration reform taking place tomorrow, October 5. Reports so far suggest that the access attempts have been uneventful. However, there have been reports of the union attempting to take access prior to the employer being served with a case stamped copy of the NA. In other cases, the ALRB Regional Board called employers to give notice of the NA in lieu of sending the official copy of the NA. WG has notified the Salinas Regional Office of the ALRB that telephonic notice is not permitted under the regulations, and that WG members have been advised to not permit access without first being served, by fax and/or email, with the an official copy of the NA sent by the ALRB.

We have also heard reports that UFW representatives are entering into fields to speak with workers and bringing the media in tow. Only, a limited number of union representatives, who are required to wear badges, are granted access pursuant to a properly filed and noticed NA. Media are not granted access without employer consent; otherwise, it may be considered an illegal trespass on private property.

CLICK HERE in case you missed our E-blast on access procedures earlier this week.

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