IRVINE (August 5, 2010) - Students at 20 Arizona schools will watch their school gardens flourish, as they head back to school this month, thanks to Western Growers Foundation (WGF) who partnered with the Arizona Department of Agriculture (ADA), Agricultural Consultation and Training and, for the third year in a row, the University of Arizona Cooperative Extension (UACE) in Phoenix. Throughout the summer, the partnering organizations provided funding, tools and resources for these schools to raise or renovate gardens.

Wendy Fink-Weber

New markets are critical to the success of specialty crop producers; outstanding trade conflicts must be addressed

IRVINE (July 1, 2010) - The specialty crop industry was very pleased with the commitment made by the President Barack Obama at last week's G-20 accord to work with Korean President Lee Myung-bak to address outstanding concerns with the U.S.-Korea Free Trade Agreement (FTA). Obama has indicated that these issues should be resolved by November of this year.

Wendy Fink-Weber

Western Growers Foundation re-launches the educational, easy to navigate, entertaining, aimed at helping people embrace a healthy diet

IRVINE (June 9, 2010) - “We’re not out here growing vegetables just to grow them; we grow them with a passion. We know that we’re going to eat them; we know our children are going to eat them.” This and other heart-felt comments made by fruit, vegetable and tree-nut family farmers are available on-line as part of Western Growers Foundation’s (WGF) re-launch of

Wendy Fink-Weber


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