The wrath of COVID-19 continues to blur the lines between buyer and seller liabilities, so it is important to know how to properly handle a buyer’s order cancellation. In the last few weeks, I’ve received a handful of phone calls from shippers wanting to know if it is permissible for their buyer(s) to cancel orders that were in transit since the load had not yet arrived at contract destination. After I climbed back into my chair, I explained that whether the truck has arrived is a moot point; your buyer cannot unilaterally cancel a confirmed order at any time without your consent.

Bryan Nickerson

Join Cord Nunez, NOVIHUM’s director of national sales, this Thursday for insight on how to enhance your soil. NOVIHUM’s revolutionary product contains high-value organic matter similar to the content found in the best soils. NOVIHUM offers a solution that counters the loss of organic matter in soils, achieving in hours what takes years under natural conditions.

Chardae Heim


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