Whether you are establishing a sale or amending a sales contract, here are some helpful reminders to be aware of when using PAS (Price after Sale) sales terms. Afterall, PAS  (also referred to as open price sale or open sale) does not establish a consignment or an agency relationship. With everything already agreed to but price, it is a straight buy-sale relationship. No detailed account of sales is required, and the buyer must pay the fair market value or a price mutually agreed to between the parties.

Bryan Nickerson

Agricultural operators throughout the San Joaquin Valley can now apply for grants to purchase low-dust harvesters. 

The San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District recently launched the Low-Dust Nut Harvester Replacement Program, an effort to significantly reduce particular matter 10 microns and smaller emissions that result from nut harvesting activities. The program will pay for 50 percent of the cost, or as much as $150,000 per unit toward replacing old harvesting units.

Chardae Heim


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