The coronavirus in China is dramatically impacting the Chinese economy including China’s ports. Public reports from multiple sources indicate that Chinese ports of entry are running significantly behind in loading and unloading freight. Warehouses in and around ports as well as the port facilities themselves lack sufficient workers as people are either ill or fear becoming ill. Members shipping product to China should expect delays. Additionally, we are aware that several shipping companies are adding “congestion surcharges” per container for cargo bound for China and other Asian ports.

All community members, ag industry members, growers, PCAs, CCAs, QALs, pilots, students and participants in ag tech and software industries are encouraged to attend this year’s Salinas Valley Ag Tech Summit. On March 18, in collaboration with the Hartnell College Agriculture Business and Technology Institute, the Monterey Bay Chapter of California Association of Pest Control Advisers (CAPCA) will conduct a day-long series of professional workshops concerning pest management.  

Chardae Heim

In today’s produce culture, it may seem and be proven that the pendulum is swinging more in the retailers favor than it is with keeping an equitable, harmonious playing field for both sellers and buyers of fresh/frozen commodities. That does not mean retailers, food service, wholesalers and other buyers have carte blanche to reject product that they or their in-house QC/QA team deem as “poor quality” or “not acceptable”.

Bryan Nickerson


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