Date: Jan 16, 2014
Picture of People at the Capitol in Sacramento for the Water Rally

Bus loads of farmers and farm workers from the Central Valley and the Central Coast descended on the state capitol this morning to take part in a Latino-sponsored water rally as reported by the Sacramento Bee.  The purpose of the rally was to bring attention to the state’s severe water shortage and the effect it is having.  Shouts of, “No water – no jobs!” rang loud and clear and were accompanied by signs that read, “Sin agua=no ay future” (No water, No future). 

Legislators and representatives from the NAACP and the Latino Water Coalition spoke to the crowds pressing the governor to declare a drought emergency and to include a water bond on this year’s ballot that includes a measure for new surface water storage.

Assemblymen Henry Perea and Luis Alejo told the rally participants that they also want a water bond to include money for clean drinking water for disadvantaged communities.  Senators Fuller, Cannella and Berryhill spoke of the importance of passing a water bond this year.  Assemblyman Salas asked farmers to mobilize and talk with friends and family encouraging them to get to the polls.

Environmental groups were clearly outnumbered as only a handful of environmental organizations were present to protest.

Legislators who attended the event included Assemblymen Perea, Alejo, Bigelow, Bocanegra, Conway, Gray, Holden, Patterson, Rendon, Salas, Quirk-Silva, Dahle, Gonzalez and Senators Berryhill, Cannella, Fuller, Hueso, Vidak, Huff, Correa, Knight as well as former Senator Dave Cogdill.

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