Date: Jan 30, 2014
"I'm Just A Bill" Character Looking Deflated on Capitol Steps

In a significant development, AB 1164 (Lowenthal, D-Long Beach) was moved to the inactive file today in the Assembly, effectively killing the bill. WG has been part of a multi-industry group providing strong opposition to the bill. AB 1164 would allow employees to file pre-judgment wage liens against the real and personal property of employers. There would be no limit on the number of liens that could be filed and they could be applied for all alleged wage violations and all penalties under the Labor Code. The bill went so far as to allow for a lien to be applied against the real and personal property of innocent third-parties. A substantial group of moderate Assembly Democrats stood up to this union-sponsored bill and confirmed that they would not vote for the bill if it was brought to a vote on the Assembly Floor.

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