Western Growers Foundation re-launches the educational, easy to navigate, entertaining Producepedia.com, aimed at helping people embrace a healthy diet

IRVINE (June 9, 2010) - “We’re not out here growing vegetables just to grow them; we grow them with a passion. We know that we’re going to eat them; we know our children are going to eat them.” This and other heart-felt comments made by fruit, vegetable and tree-nut family farmers are available on-line as part of Western Growers Foundation’s (WGF) re-launch of Producepedia.com.

Wendy Fink-Weber

IRVINE (April 30, 2010) - To celebrate the sustainability and academic success of the school’s garden, Rep. Wally Herger (R-Chico) and representatives from Western Growers Foundation (WGF) and Butte County’s Wil-Ker-Son Ranch are joining students and teachers today from 10:15 to 11:40 in Chico Country Day School’s outdoor classroom for a surprise presentation.

Wendy Fink-Weber


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